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van Santvoort makelaars

van Santvoort makelaars

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At home in the region

Van Santvoort Makelaars is at home in the region of Eindhoven. With us you are at the right place for the purchase or sale, purchase or rental and valuations of your property. Whether it's existing homes, new construction, commercial property or agricultural real estate, Van Santvoort Makelaars can help you. With offices in Eindhoven, Helmond, Eersel, Nuenen and Deurne you are always assured of a broker with regional knowledge and an optimal service.

Why sell your house with Van Santvoort Makelaars?

You get your own broker who guides you in selling your home. You will discuss with your broker the best asking price and sales strategy, fully tailored to your personal situation. So you start with a clear plan of action. We are happy to work with you to sell your home. In your personal online 'customer dossier' we keep you informed 24/7 of the status of the sale of your home by phone, email and text. Your house will be prominently placed on Funda. With your house on Funda you reach 95% of the house hunters. In addition, we inform all house hunters who are registered with Van Santvoort Makelaars or other brokers in your area. And as the best selling real estate agent in Brabant we have a large reach. So every home seeker really knows that your house is for sale. Do you want to sell your house successfully? Meet with Van Santvoort Makelaars for a free informational meeting.

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    English and Dutch

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    Sale, rental, purchase, hire, appraisals, new construction, search service and financial advice

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    VastgoedCert, NWWI and NRVT

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    Purchase, business space, offices, new construction and stores


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  • Dirk van Santvoort - Directeur

    Dirk van Santvoort


  • Monique van Mierlo - Assistent-makelaar

    Monique van Mierlo


  • Ingrid Giepmans - Administratief medewerker

    Ingrid Giepmans

    Administratief medewerker

  • Anne-Marie van Santvoort - NVM-makelaar

    Anne-Marie van Santvoort


  • Sandra Adriaans - van Erp - Administratief medewerker

    Sandra Adriaans - van Erp

    Administratief medewerker


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