Drieklomp Makelaars en Rentmeesters

Drieklomp Makelaars en Rentmeesters

Drieklomp Makelaars en Rentmeesters

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Drieklomp Brokers and Stewards

Drieklomp pays attention to the special; special homes, villas, country houses, and farms. Each one is exceptional because of its location, history, architectural style or simply because they have a specific element that makes a house special. As a family business, Drieklomp Makelaars has specialized for decades in transactions of what you could call Dutch Glory. Your real estate, large or small, deserves special attention when valuing, selling or buying.

Drieklomp is a family business that has distinguished itself for more than 30 years through its active and exclusive approach. The real estate agency that Aalt van Drie founded in 1987 in Voorthuizen with his wife Henny Klomp (now located in the beautiful Huize Zandbergen) was later taken over by their sons. Huib and Ed were the first to assist their mother and father. When father Aalt died, son Jan took over the agricultural part and together with brother Ariën he developed this specialist industry. Several branches were opened, such as in Nunspeet, where the youngest son Gerald also entered. Gerald now works from the Oosterbeek office.

The office in Voorthuizen has the largest team. Besides Huib and Ed van Drie, Lucia de Boer works as a real estate agent. Together with Dick van Putten (K-RMT) and Tom Weustenenk (K-RMT) they form the team of real estate agents. Tom works in the Zwolle region. Johan van der Waaij, together with Ariën van Drie, is responsible for the agricultural tasks of the stewards department.

In addition to housing and agricultural brokerage, Drieklomp also provides a 3rd service: Financial Advice with expertise in mortgages, insurance, pensions and wealth advice. The Drieklomp Financieel Advies team has been managed by director Marc Holleman for 15 years. Together with Kees Hardonk and Johan Kuijt, they provide tailor-made advice.

Our brokers and employees are continuously trained and experience is gained in all kinds of areas. Yet the good atmosphere and the special family bond continue to characterize this company. Everyone is always welcome at our place and we do our utmost to provide our customers with the best possible service. It is not without reason that Drieklomp Makelaars en Rentmeesters has built up a very good reputation throughout the Netherlands. Both as a luxury home broker, but also for agricultural real estate and the business market.

Would you like to get acquainted or do you perhaps have relocation plans? Visit our office at 95 Apeldoornsestraat in Voorthuizen or call us for an appointment. You are welcome!


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    Dutch, English and German

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    Sale, purchase, rental, appraisals, new construction, financial advice and search service

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    VastgoedCert, NWWI and NRVT

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    Purchase, agricultural and rural real estate, business space, new construction, sale housing, expropriation, home appraisal, business valuation, valuation of rural and agricultural real estate and rental housing


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  • H. van Drie - Directeur

    H. van Drie


  • E.J. van Drie - NVM-makelaar

    E.J. van Drie


  • H.A. van Drie - NVM-makelaar

    H.A. van Drie


  • Joh. van der Waaij - NVM-makelaar

    Joh. van der Waaij


  • L.E.G. de Boer - Makelaar

    L.E.G. de Boer


  • T. Weustenenk - Kandidaat-makelaar

    T. Weustenenk


  • D.C. van Putten - NVM-makelaar

    D.C. van Putten


  • A.M. Brouwers - Office manager

    A.M. Brouwers

    Office manager

  • K.D. van Laar - Commercieel medewerker

    K.D. van Laar

    Commercieel medewerker

  • N. van Elst - Commercieel medewerker

    N. van Elst

    Commercieel medewerker

  • J. van de Stroet - Commercieel medewerker

    J. van de Stroet

    Commercieel medewerker

  • F. Breitenbach - Secretaresse

    F. Breitenbach


  • A. van Leeuwen Boomkamp - Commercieel medewerker

    A. van Leeuwen Boomkamp

    Commercieel medewerker

  • S.K. Eindhoven - Commercieel medewerker

    S.K. Eindhoven

    Commercieel medewerker

  • G. van den Brink - Commercieel medewerker

    G. van den Brink

    Commercieel medewerker


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