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Hoogcasteren 5528 NP Hoogeloon Hoogcasteren en omgeving

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On beautiful location located building plot with existing barn on a plot of no less than approximately 2,800 m2. The plot is located in the outskirts of Hoogeloon in Hoogcasteren. There is good access to the highway via Eersel. Veldhoven is only 10 minutes by car. In short, the ideal opportunity to realize your residential wishes.

These notes are the planning options for the object located at Hoogcasteren in Hoogeloon. This note shows the possibilities of the location based on the current zoning plan. It also indicates which possibilities there are for secondary functions at the house and which conversion possibilities are available within the zoning plan. The information in these notes has been taken from the zoning plan of the municipality which can be viewed online via spatial plans.

Residential zoning
The location Hoogcasteren 23 has a residential zoning with specific indication residential farm. There is a long-gabled farmhouse on this location. On the right side of this farm there is a special barn that has fallen into disrepair. This barn is a municipal monument.
At this moment there is one residential zoning for one dwelling, in this case the existing long-gabled farmhouse.

Zoning change
A request in principle has been submitted to divide the long-gabled farmhouse from the barn and to create a 'new' residential function at the location of the culture-historically valuable barn. The existing monumental construction has to be preserved.
The municipality has indicated its willingness to cooperate in principle with the division of the lot and to realize a new residential function at the location of the barn, see above for the division and the two future building areas. To actually implement this change, an amendment to the zoning plan must take place. This procedure is in its final stages.

When realizing a residential function in the barn, the following must be observed:
The existing barn will have to be expanded, because the current volume is not sufficient for a usual size of a dwelling, the expansion should be realized behind the existing barn. This will maintain the austere barn form in its value and limit the view of the extension from the street side;
The strength of the building are the monumental rafters and barn form, this should be preserved as much as possible so that the distinctive architectural features are preserved;
The addition to the rear will be subordinate and will add value to the barn while enhancing the cultural and historic values present;
The development must be provided with landscaping;
An anterior agreement must be concluded with the municipality;
The annex to the existing barn can be demolished, because it detracts from the overall appearance.

How to proceed.
To enable the additional residential function at the location of the barn, a preliminary zoning plan has already been submitted to the municipality of Bladel. A dialogue about the plan has already been held with the surrounding area. The plan has been submitted to the province and the district water board for legal pre-consultation. An anterior agreement has been concluded and the draft zoning plan has been made available for public inspection. Within the framework of such a procedure, the municipal council of Bladel is the competent authority to ultimately adopt the zoning plan. This is the last phase that still needs to happen.

The building possibilities
The main requirements for the building possibilities are listed below, additional building regulations can be requested from us.

Dwelling house
Per zoning area, one home is allowed whereby the following dimensions apply:
Residential building volume: maximum 600 m3*.
Roof height: maximum 5.5 meters
Building height: maximum 10 meters
*Increasing the housing capacity is allowed, provided the demolition bonus regulations of the Municipality of Bladel are met. The contents may not exceed 850 m3.

For home extensions and annexes
Annexes to houses may only be built within the zoning area residential. The joint area of annexes to the home may not exceed 100 m2 (per home), whereby the following dimensions apply:
Roof height: maximum 3.20 m.
Building height: maximum 5,50 meter
An annex must be erected at a minimum distance of 5 meters behind the front facade, the distance from the axis of the road must be at least 18 meters.

Other buildings
The maximum building height of yard and site fences is 2 meters.

What ancillary activities are allowed?
Home-based profession or business
Home-based business/professional activities are permitted, provided the following conditions are met:
Business/professional activities at home category B and/or C are not permitted due to the absence of the "building concentration" designation;
The size of the activity may not exceed 30% of the joint floor area of the buildings up to a maximum of 60 m2. At the location of the long-gabled farmhouse the maximum may be 100 m2 because of the indication 'residential farmhouse';
The use may not adversely affect the normal flow of traffic or cause a disproportionate increase in parking requirements;
Retail trade is not allowed;
The activity must be compatible with the living environment in terms of environmental hygiene;
There is a maximum of 1 business per dwelling;
The activity must be carried out by one resident.


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Alongside a quiet road, outside the built-up area, rural and unobstructed surrounding view


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€ 325,000 v.o.n.