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The brokers of NEBO Makelaars help you buy, sell and appraise a house in Groningen: City and surroundings. Professional, proactive and personal. Contact Marcel and Rob and start the conversation about your housing wishes.

Sell ​​your house? Nowhere is the demand for houses as great as in the city of Groningen. But a few kilometers outside the municipal boundaries, things are already different. Marcel and Rob from NEBO Makelaars know the Groningen market, city and surroundings through and through. So they can tell you exactly how to best approach the sale of your home. Together with you, they draw up a personal and promising sales plan.

Buying a house is quite exciting, whether you are a starter or not. Marcel and Rob, experienced Groningen brokers from NEBO Makelaars, understand this very well. They are happy to help you buy the house that suits you perfectly. Looking for the house of your dreams in Groningen or the surrounding area? Your search starts at NEBO Makelaars. Come in for a first meeting or make an appointment right away.

You usually need a valuation report for a mortgage loan, especially if you opt for a National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). Marcel and Rob from NEBO Makelaars take care of that. They also provide a valuation in other cases, for example when you have inherited a house or are about to divorce. Marcel and Rob are recognized appraisers and are registered in the NRVT appraiser's register.

What is your budget for buying a house? Of course you want to know that first. NEBO Makelaars can also help you with that. We have our own professional in-house for this. Rob is a recognized mortgage advisor and can tell you exactly how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments will be.


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