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How your estate agent gets the most out of funda

Are you selling or offering a space for rent? It’s only possible to list a house on funda through a real estate agent, who will take all the work out of your hands. If you want to ensure that your agent uses funda to its utmost, here are some things to focus on.

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Presenting your house well on funda

Home-seekers are looking for complete and attractive information about a house. With funda Compleet, your real estate agent can present your house in every possible way. It’s a great addition to the standard photos, map and description.

Did you know?

Houses using funda Compleet often sell for higher amounts than houses that don’t use funda Compleet.

Make your house stand out even more

To help your house stand out from all the others, you can implement ‘Blikvanger’, ‘Toppositie’ of ‘Woning in beeld’ in addition to funda Compleet. That’s the best way to be sure that your estate agent is really getting the most out of funda.


Three times the space in the results list, for three months


A prominent place at the top of search results

Woning in beeld

Your house on funda’s home page

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Keep track of how your house performs

1. Go to your house listing on funda and click ‘I’m selling this house’ at the bottom of the listing. Your real estate agent can then confirm that you are the seller or landlord.

2. Log in to your funda account for real-time sales statistics, like the number of times your house has been found or viewed.

3. Want receives regular updates? Set this up in your account.

4. Need more insight? Your real estate agent has a behind-the-scenes view and knows exactly what’s happening.