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What services do you expect from your estate agent

Does this sound familiar? You want to sell your house and you find this an exciting step. You therefore need professional guidance from an experienced estate agent who will look after your interests. You know that there are estate agents who offer their services for very little money, but do you then receive sufficient guidance? How do you make a good choice?

What do you find important?

  • An experienced estate agent with knowledge of the local market?
  • A real estate agent who is truly your sparring partner?
  • Flexible service that fits in seamlessly with your wishes and situation?
  • A transparent tariff?
  • The choice to take on activities yourself?
  • The possibility to save a lot of money, if your house 'sells itself'?

With Makelaar073, you don't have to choose!

Because with us, you are assured of professional guidance, local market knowledge, flexible services and a transparent rate.

Outsource everything or do something yourself?

Which support suits you best, depends entirely on your wishes and living situation. You can choose between two types of services:

The All-inclusive package: here we take care of all the work.
The Building Blocks package: here you carry out part of the work yourself

> Building Blocks - € 1,500, including VAT

Are there many potential buyers for your property? And do you enjoy writing your own texts, taking photos and showing people around? Then you can save a lot of money with our Building Blocks package. Of course, we'll take care of it for you:

  • the value assessment and sales advice
  1. the presentation on Funda
  • negotiations with potential buyers
  • the deed of sale

> All inclusive - tailor-made offer

Would you like to be completely unburdened? Not have to worry about the sale? And promote your home in every possible way? Then choose the All-inclusive package. In addition to the services from the Building Blocks package, we also provide the following:

  • professional photography
  • 2D/3D floor plans
  • interior styling by a home stylist
  • extra promotion on Funda
  • an Open House
  • all viewings

> Or do you opt for the golden mean?
Of course, you can also go for the golden mean and supplement your Building Blocks package with extra services. Think of professional photography, interior styling, having a video made or organising an Open House. This is how you put together your unique package of services. Because no two homes are the same, why should the sales process be?

Do you want to sell your house?

An exciting step! We would be pleased to explain more about our working methods and the packages during an introductory meeting. After this meeting, you will receive from us, completely free of charge and without obligation, a well-founded valuation and sales advice. Does it feel right and does it correspond to your wishes? Then we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work!


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    Dutch and English

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    Sale, rental, appraisals, purchase, new construction, home styling, home photography and auction

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    NWWI, NRVT and VastgoedCert

  • Specialties

    Purchase and new construction


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  • Mirjam van de Laar - NVM-makelaar (directeur)

    Mirjam van de Laar

    NVM-makelaar (directeur)

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    Sanne van der Wijst



Address & opening hours

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5245 PA Rosmalen
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At this office, you can also make appointments for viewings outside these opening hours.